Small Yue-yao Melon Shaped Ewer

Northern Song Dynasty, 10th c. China

Height: 8.9cm

A small melon-shaped stoneware ewer from the Yue-kilns, Zheziang Province, China.  Melon-shaped body sits on a foliate-form foot (with restored chip - all original material re-stuck).   Each lobe is delineated by three incised lines.  The underfoot is fully glazed,with exception of five small spur marks.  The long, straight spout is carved into an hexagonal form and eminates from the shoulder of the body.  On the opposite side is a double-strand loop handle.  The lid is of shallow domed form with a “twig” handle on top.  The entire form is covered with a green celadon glaze, opaque with a slightly blueish tint, typical of high-quality Yue glazes of the period.

From a private Philadelphia collection