Yaozhou Celadon Bowl with Water Buffalo Viewing the Moon

Jin Dynasty 1127-1279 AD, China

Diameter: 19cm


A stoneware bowl, the inside of which is masterfully carved with a figure of a recumbent water buffalo staring up at the moon and passing cloud.  The figures are set within a double quattro-foil medallion, which is surrounded by floral sprigs.  The entire piece is covered with a translucent celadon glaze of an ideal dark green shade.  The foot rim is unglazed revealing a light grey stoneware body fired to a russet brown color.  A similar example is published in the Sekai Touji Senshu Vol. 13, plate 25, and belonging to the Nagatani Museum.  Another example with identical design is published in “Series of China’s Ancient Porcelain Kiln Sites: Yaozhou Kiln of China” Beijing 2014 pg. 199 pl. 159.  Another is published in “Ceramics Gallery of the Palace Museum, Part 1”  Forbidden City Publishing, Beijing. pl. 173.

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Provenance: Private New York Collection since 2008