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Persimmon Glazed Yaozhou Tea Bowl

Jin Dynasty 1127-1279 AD, China

Diameter: 14.6cm

A stoneware bowl of broad conical form with an elegant flare to the mouth-rim.  The form sits on a small, neatly carved foot-rim.  There is a shallow under-foot well with glaze and kiln grit from its firing.  The piece is covered with a beautifully realized russet colored opaque glaze with small matte areas from burial.  The bottom of the foot-rim, also with kiln grit, is unglazed, revealing a light grey stoneware body fired to a buff color.  The form of this bowl is intended for summer tea, as the broadness exposes a maximum of the tea’s surface to air, allowing it to cool more quickly.

A nearly identical piece from the Robert Hatfield Elsworth Collection is published in “Marvels of Celadon: The Shan Shan Tang Collection of Yaozhou Wares” The Art Institute of Chicago, 2019. pl. 69

Provenance: Private New York Collection

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