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Treasure Grid

A 1483
Shang - Song Dynasty, China

50.8 cm H. x 61cm W.

A collection of ancient objects jewelry-mounted into a grid of shadowboxes. The objects include:
1. A pair of gilt-bronze bears (table supports) Han Dynasty.

2. A Gilt bronze cicada. Tang Dynasty.

3. A stone ax blade. Shang Dynasty.

4. A silver-tone bronze mirror. Warring States Period.

5. A bronze Mirror. Han Dynasty.

6. A bronze dragon-turtle (scholar’s object) Song Dynasty.

7. A gilt bronze phoenix urn finial. Tang Dynasty.

8. A totie mask and ring urn handle. Han Dynasty.

9. A silver-tone horse nose guard. Han Dynasty.

10. A gilt bronze set of belt plaques and buckle. Tang Dynasty.

11. A green-stone bracelet. Neolithic period, Thailand.