Xing-Yao Long Necked Bottle Vase

Tang Dynasty 618-907 AD, China

Height: 23cm


A porcelaineous stoneware bottle vase with baluster shaped body and a flat foot.  A beautifully proportioned, tapered neck rises from a cushioned indentation, which flares to a beveled mouth-rim.  The entire piece is covered in a translucent clear glaze that pools to a bluish green color where the neck meets the body.  There are two small smudges on the neck and one on the body where the potter held the piece while dipping it in the glaze.  

A similar Ding-yao example is published in “Decorated Porcelains of Dingzhou; White Ding wares from the collection of the National Palace Museum”, Taipei 2014. pl. 1.



AW Bahr Collection (1877 - 1959) and thence by decent to his widow, (by repute).

Robert Hatfield Ellsworth (early 1980’s)

Zetterquist Galleries

Private Collection New York