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Carved Yaozhou Bowl 

B 1476
Song Dynasty 960 - 1279, China 

Diameter: 14 cm 

A deep stoneware bowl with canted mouth-rim sitting on a straight collar foot, which is unglazed and fired to a light brown color. The interior is decorated with a deeply carved lotus and foliage decoration surrounded by a combed wave pattern. The entire piece is covered in an olive green translucent glaze that pools in the carving to a darker green.
Minor surface scratching.
Similar pieces are published in “Song Through 21st Century Eyes” by Rose Kerr, Meijering Art Books 2009. fig. 2-4. and “The Masterpieces of Yaozhou Ware” Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka 1997. pl. 67. Provenance:
Marchant London, 2009
Private Collection