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A Lidded Thanh Hoa Jar with Carved Lotus Petals

Ly Dynasty, 1009-1225 AD, Vietnam 

Height: 23 cm

A barrel shaped jar divided into six shallow lobes with six lug handles
evenly spaced around the top. The short, beveled neck is surrounded by a collar of deeply carved lotus petals, which are repeated around the knob of the domed lid. The entire piece is covered in a finely crackled translucent yellowish-ivory colored glaze. The flat bottom is unglazed revealing pale buff clay body.

There are areas of glaze flaking and small chips on the rim.

With old fitted wooden box and old tea silks.

Provenance: From a private Japanese collection

Literature: Published in “Sekai Touji Zenshu” (Ceramic Art of the World) Shogakukan, Tokyo 1984, Vol. 16, pl. 4

“Masterworks of Eastern Ceramics” Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum 1994, pl. 11 (SE Asian section)

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