Thanh Hoa Brown and White Jar

Ly - Tran Dynasty - 13th c., Vietnam

Height: 24cm

A barrel shaped stoneware jar  with pale green crackled glaze and carved lotus leaf decoration around its girth.  The decoration is highlighted in iron oxide brown, and is repeated on the saucer-shaped lid.  There is a lappet of molded lotus petals just below the short-collar neck. The edge of the mouth-rim and flat base are unglazed revealing a pale gray stoneware body.   (Chips on the mouth-rim and small areas of glaze flaking).  

A similar piece, but without the lotus lappet, is published in Roxanna Brown’s “The Ceramics of South-East Asia, Their Dating and Identification” Oxford University Press, 1988 (Second Edition).  Plate 1 b.  Two others are illustrated in Stevenson-Guy’s “Vietnamese Ceramics - A Separate Tradition”, Art Media Resources, 1987.  pls. 62 and 64.

Provenance: Private Japanese Collection with Wooden Box.