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Tang White-ware Amphora Ewer

Tang Dynasty 618- 907 AD

Height: 28cm

A large ewer of bulbous form with a cylindrical spout and a neck with flared mouth-rim.  There is a double-strand handle that rises from the shoulder to just under the mouth-rim with three large beads and a curled decoration on the top and a flattened bead at the base.  The entire piece sits on a wide, unglazed, splayed foot that has a flat bottom and reveals a white earthenware body.  The rest of the piece is covered in a thin,  pale glaze with very pale grey/green tint visible in mottled areas (small areas of glaze flaking near the edges of the spout and part of the mouth rim.)  From the Gongyi Kilns.

TL tested- C-Link Research and Developement (Chinese University, Hong Kong) Report number 2748WE78.

A similar example from the Charles B. Hoyt Collection is in the MFA Boston, and is published in “The Charles B. Hoyt Collection”, MFA Boston 1952, pl. 140.  Another, of slightly more compressed form, is published in “Series of Ancient Porcelain Kiln Sites; Gongyi Kiln of China”, Beijing 2011.  Pg. 283 and 415.

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