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Square Plate
Five Dynasties, 10th c. A.D., China

Width: 10.8cm

A deep square porcelaineous stoneware plate with foliate form rim and molded floral decorations around the cavetto, conforming to the petals. The inside bottom has a central coin shaped medallion with molded plum blossom pattern. The entire piece, except for its flat unglazed base, is covered with an idilic early Ding ware glaze that pools to a taupe color. One minute and two small rim chip restorations.
Although this piece is very much in the Liao Dynasty style, there is little doubt that it was produced in the Ding kilns. See “Selection of Ding Ware: The Palace Museum’s Collection and Archeological Excavation”, Beijing 2012 pl. 20. Identical pieces in Kodansha’s 1982 publication “Oriental Ceramics; World’s Greatest Collections” Vol. 8 pl. 27 from the Kempe Collection at The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities.

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