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Small Sancai Amphora

Tang Dynasty, 618-907 A.D., China

Height: 10.75cm

A small earthenware ewer with bulbous body standing on a flared pedestal foot with rounded rim The body is surmounted by a flared neck and trefoil mouth-rim, in the fashion of Persian metal-work ewers. The handle runs from the top-back of the mouth down to the top of the shoulders, with beads applied to top and bottom. The neck, mouth, and handle are covered in a rich amber colored glaze, while the body is covered in a cobalt blue glaze spotted white by wax resist and streams of amber. The bottom section of the body and foot are unglazed, revealing a white pottery body. 
Other similar examples are published in the Nezu Museum’s catalog “Tang Pottery and Porcelain”, 1988., pg. 85, fig. 8


From a private Japanese Collection and in an old Japanese box.

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