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Sancai Tripod Plate

Tang Dynasty, 618-907 A.D., China 

Diameter: 24cm (9.35 inches) 

A flat-bottomed plate with gently curved cavetto and broad, flat rim with raised edge. The inside is decorated with a Persian inspired floral medallion surrounded by six lotus depictions in profile and six closed buds between them. The decoration is incised, then colored with blue, green and amber glazes that adhere well to the pattern. The rest of the plate is white and covered with a translucent, finely crackled glaze, now slightly degraded in some areas, that continues on the back to the flattened bottom. The entire piece sits on three legs of stylized lion's paw form. 


Zetterquist Galleries, 2001 

Mary and Cheney Cowles Collection

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