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Qingbai Ewer with Butterfly Knot Decoration 
Northern Song Dynasty, 960-1127 AD, China 

Height: 18cm 

A porcelaineous stoneware ewer with ovoid body and cup mouth surmounting a constricted neck. Two loops. and a strap handle connect the neck to the shoulder. Beneath the outward-flaring spout is an applied “Butterfly knot” decoration. The piece is covered in a pale, crackled greenish Qingbai glaze. The foot-rim and countersunk foot-well are unglazed, revealing a dense, white clay body. There is a firing flaw on the inside of the mouth, some areas of burial staining, and small chips to foot and spout.
An identical piece, dated to 1065, is illustrated on the cover, and as pl.16 in “Dated Qingbai Wares of the Song and Yuan Dynasties”, Ching Leng Foundation 1998.
Collection of Emmanuel Gran until 1952
Parke-Bernet Galleries, May 2, 1952
Paul W. Doll Jr. Collection, USA