Qingbai Vase with Sculpted Dragon

Southern Song Dynasty 1127 - 1279, China

Height: 21.5cm


A baluster shaped vase with slightly flared foot rim and tall stout neck finished in a cup-shaped mouth with rolled rim.  The body is decorated with incised lines delineating six lobes around constrained by two horizontal lines around the shoulder and above the foot.  Perched on its shoulder and wrapping around its neck is a sculpted depiction of a three-clawed dragon with deeply incised scales on its body and a long-snouted head which meets its tail.  The claws are each finely delineated (one claw missing) and have central beads pressed in the center of each.  TL texted by Chinese University, Hong Kong

A nearly identical piece is published in A piece with similar handles from a private Taiwanese collection is published in Wang Shao Lou Collection, Yu Ren Yuan, Taipei 2017.  Pg. 48

A similar piece of more compressed form can be found in “Complete Collected Works of Chinese Ceramics - Song and Yuan Qingbai Wares Vol. 16” pl. 30  Shanghai People’s Art Press, 1984