Qingbai Bowl with Carved Babies and Foliate Design

Southern Song Dynasty 1127-1279 AD, China

Diameter: 19.4cm


A large porcelain bowl with an exquisitely carved scene of two boys frolicking amongst foliage, (peonies of pomegranate type).  The masterful carving is done both with pointed and wedged instruments.  The entire bowl is covered in an idilic pale blue translucent glaze, leaving only the underfoot unglazed, revealing a white porcelain body with shadow of the cylindrical kiln support on which it was fired.  The rim is about half covered with its original silver band, now partially degraded.  Chips to foot rim.  See similar examples in Shanghai People’s Press “Compendium of Chinese Ceramics” vol. 16, Song-Yuan Qingbai, pl. 103.  Also, Jan Virgin’s 1970 publication “Sung Ceramic Designs” with an identical example.  Pl. 19.  Another is illustrated in “Sekai Touji Zenshu” Shogakukan, 1977. Vol. 12, pls. 162-163.