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Buddhist Bronze 
Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644 AD, China 

Height: 13cm 

A Buddhist sculpture of a figure seated on a lotus. The lotus sits atop a pedestal foot with rolled rim. There are traces of gilding and dark red lacquer all over, especially in the crevices of the lotus petals and garment. The bottom of the wooden base is Ming Dynasty Chinese, and the top, Keyaki from Edo Period Japan.
From a private Japanese collection. 

Bronze Sculptural Group of the Birth of Sakyamuni 
Ming Dynasty, 1368 - 1644, China 

Height of Bronze without base: 18.2cm 

A small bronze sculptural grouping depicting the birth of the Buddha pointing towards heaven. He is sitting on a lotus and flanked by two attendants. The water beneath the lotus is teaming with water creatures (tortoise, fish and snakes). It all sits on a partially hollow ovoid base that flares up from a ridged bottom. The bronze surface shows traces of original gold and gesso, and has areas of green and red patina.
Modern wooden stand.
From a private American collection.