Ming Dynasty Blue and White Bowl

Hongzhi - Zhengde Period

15th - 16th c., China

Diameter: 15.25 cm

A small food bowl with straight foot and flared mouth rim decorated with Middle Eastern style scrolling Ruyi with alternating pendant and ingot and coin patterns. on the inside and outside walls, with lotus petal design enclosed by double circles in the center. The underfoot is glazed in white.
This type of bowl, with Islamic-style decoration, was often made for export to Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern markets during the 15th - 16th centuries.
It is in excellent condition with a small original firing flaw to the mouth-rim and a small glaze crawl in the interior. Some small kiln grit to the under- foot.
A larger bowl, dated Hongzhi - Zhengdu Dynasties, with similar interior design is illustrated in “Chinese and Vietnamese Blue and White Wares Found in the Philippines”, Makati City Phillipines, 1997. pg. 158-159 Provenance: Private American Collection purchased at Sotheby’s Park Bernet c. 1970’s.