Longquan Celadon Baluster-form Vase

Southern Song Dynasty 1127-1279 AD, China

Height: 16.5cm


A stoneware vase with bulbous body and a tall, thick neck and everted, shallow cup-shaped mouth-rim.  It is covered overall with a beautiful minty blue/green Longquan celadon glaze with a shiny surface, and feint broad crackle.  The piece sits on a straight foot that is unglazed on the bottom, revealing a pale grey clay body fired to a russet brown color.  The foot-well interior is entirely glazed, and bears the collection sticker of Henry Guinness de Laszlo (1901 - 1967), and one other inventory sticker. 

There is an original firing crack on the interior bottom, above the foot.

A similar “kinuta” colored piece of same form and size published in Chinese Ceramics in the Karl Kempe Collection, Stockholm, 1964.  pl. 96.  Another similar example is published in Regina Krahl’s 1994 catalog of the Meiyintang Collection, Volume 1, no. 555.


Henry Guinness de Laszlo (1901-1967) U.K.

Juliane (Isa) de Laszlo (Florida, USA)