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Large Longquan Celadon Phoenix Tail (Yen Yen) Vase 
Yuan Dynasty, 1279 - 1368, China 

Height: 64cm 

A large porcelain Phoenix Tail (YenYen) vase with trumpet neck and beveled foot. The ovoid body rises up with carved lotus pattern around the bottom half confined between two ridges. The upper half of the body has a beautifully carved scrolling peony pattern, which is repeated around the long trumpet shaped neck. Six ridges decorate the upper part of the neck, just below a downward flaring mouth. The entire piece is covered in a thick unctuous celadon green glaze.
The foot is polished around the bottom edge and has a recessed under-foot with a more deeply recessed circle in the center (with repaired hole). The form of the foot suggests that it was designed to fit into a base, as opposed to the outward flared bottoms of other Yuan Dynasty examples. The glaze has several small glaze-crawls on the body with larger glaze-crawls inside the mouth.
Private New York Collection
See a similar piece cataloged as Yuan Dynasty in The Legacy of Genghis Khan: Courtly Art and Culture in Western Asia, 1256 – 1353, Metropolitan Museum of Art