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“Aode” Kokutani Square Plate with Tiger

B 1535
Early Edo Period, Second half of the 17th c., Japan

Width: 18cm

A square overglaze enamel porcelain plate with beveled cavetto and flattened mouth-rim. Each side curves slightly inward and and the brown colored rim is rounded at the corners. The interior rim is decorated with a repeating fan-shaped grass pattern in underglaze blackish brown and covered with a translucent dark yellow enamel, with four large lotus flowers in the center of each section enameled in a dark green. The center has the same grass pattern under dark green with a strolling tiger cutting a diagonal through the field, colored with black stripes under dark yellow enamels. The underside has a band of scrolling foliate decoration around the cavetto, and an overlapping lotus pattern around the foot, all in black under yellow enamel. The foot-rim and underfoot are white, with the exception of a squared “Fuku” mark in the center.
With a fitted wooden box.
Provenance: From a private Japanese collection

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