Small Jizhou Tortoiseshell Censer

Southern Song Dynasty 1127-1279 AD, China

Height: 8cm

A small stoneware censer of archaistic tripod form with bulbous body and straight, flattened mouth rim.  The mouth is surmounted by two squared lug handles.  The body is covered with a blackish-brown glaze splashed with amber colored translucent glaze creating the appearance of mottled tortoiseshell.  The pinched feet are unglazed, revealing a buff stoneware body.  

From a private Japanese collection, together with an early 20th century, fitted and silk-lined wooden box of high quality.  With Bunkacho export permit.

A similar piece from the Bernat Collection (but without handles) was published in the Sotheby’s catalog of their pieces from November, 1980. #128