Jian-Yao Hare's Fur Tea Bowl

Southern Song Dynasty 1127-1279 AD China

Diameter: 12.7cm

A stoneware tea bowl with steep sides and primarily persimmon colored glaze that streaks in a “Hare’s fur” pattern into a blackish brown color towards the bottom interior, where it pools to black.  The glaze is similarly streaked around the exterior, where if pools above the foot-rim, revealing a dark grey stoneware body, small straight solid foot, and very shallow under-foot well.  The rim is covered in a silver band, typical of these wares used in the Japanese tea ceremony.  With fitted wooden box.  Repaired glaze crawl on internal rim (old repair).

This form of tea bowl, more conical than rounded, was used in warmer weather, as it allows the heat to escape the tea more quickly.  In Japan, it would have been used for a less formal “usu-cha” tea ceremony.

A similar predominantly persimmon colored example is published in “Song Ceramics from the Kwan Collection”, Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1994. pl. 165

Provenance: Private New York Collection

Private Japanese Collection