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Korean Lidded Ewer

B 1373
Joseon Period 1392-1897, Korea

Length: 19cm H. 14.5cm

A stoneware ewer of compressed globular form with a thickly potted foot, unglazed to reveal a buff stoneware body. A disk shaped lid sits atop a short neck rim, which has been partially restored with gold lacquer. The spout is straight, formed by a folded sheet of clay, and protrudes from the lute-line in the center of the body. (The tip of the spout is also repaired with gold lacquer.) The piece is covered with a milky grey colored glaze that thins to a bluish color. This type of ware is known in Japan as “Kaine” kiln ware. (Possibly Myeoncheong Ware, Hamkyungbuk-do)

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