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March 2023 Asia Week
The Mary and Cheney Cowles Collection of Chinese Ceramics

    Zetterquist galleries was founded in 1992 by Eric J. Zetterquist to present the finest of Asian ceramics throughout the ages.  Our clients include major museums and the most discerning collectors of Asian ceramics from around the world.

    While most Asian antiquities galleries choose one country and show several different media from that country, Zetterquist chose to show one medium, ceramics, but cover all of East Asia. The flow of materials with stylistic and technical influences around the region over the past 2,000 years tells a fascinating story that gets more exciting with time.  

    Our March 2023 Asia Week Exhibition features The Mary and Cheney Cowles Collection of Chinese Ceramics. Spanning over 1000 years, from the fourth - fourteenth centuries, this exquisite private collection has been assembled over the last fifty years.  Their achievement illustrates the true spirit of collecting; not for profit or fame, but as an expression of intellectual rigor and the sheer delight of beauty. 

    This exhibition offers a brief opportunity to view a collection only seen by a handful of visiting scholars, and rarely in its entirety.  

    Click on "Go to Catalog" to view the entire catalog.

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