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March 2022 Asia Week
Tang - Yuan Dynasty
Chinese Ceramics

    Zetterquist galleries was founded in 1992 by Eric J. Zetterquist to present the finest of Asian ceramics throughout the ages.  Our clients include major museums and the most discerning collectors of Asian ceramics from around the world.

    While most Asian antiquities galleries choose one country and show several different media from that country, Zetterquist chose to show one medium, ceramics, but cover all of East Asia. The flow of materials with stylistic and technical influences around the region over the past 2,000 years tells a fascinating story that gets more exciting with time.  

Our Autumn 2022 exhibition features Japanese and Korean ceramics.

The Japanese section spotlights excellent and rare examples of several important kiln-types, starting with an unusually large Jomon ritual food container dating to 3500-2500 BC, noted for the modern-looking plasticity of its modeling and monumental presence.  

Medieval stonewares from Tokoname and Mino kilns illustrate their continued use in the Japanese tea ceremony.  Most notably, a black Oribe Kutsugata-form tea bowl, formerly owned and inscribed by an Omotosenke school grand master, is decorated with a repeated “chikiri” pattern and dates from the early 17th century.

Japanese porcelains are represented by important works of two different types.  A Nabeshima type plate with an oft-published pattern of baskets and flowers is an extremely fine example of this rare type of overglaze enameled wares, originally produced by the feudal Lord Nabeshima who called on the highest level technology and craftsmen for porcelain tributes for the Shogun in Edo.  There is also a large Aode Kokutani-type charger depicting vividly depicted scholar-in-landscape cartuche and military fans amongst foliage, as well as a smaller Aode Kokutani square plate with a rare and charming depiction of a tiger.

A group of Korean Koryo Dynasty celadons is highlighted with a large rectangular tile with inlaid decoration of birds and foliage, one of only three such pieces known in the United States.

    Click on "Go to Catalog" for a link to view selected objects in our current exhibition.

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