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Small Yaozhou Conical Bowl

Five Dynasties, 10th c. AD, China

Diameter: 14.1 cm 


A small conical stoneware bowl with a finely formed unglazed foot rim and thinly glaze underfoot fired to a pale buff color. The underfoot has an original firing “star crack”. The bowl is covered with a sweet pale green glaze that thins at the rim. Although reminiscent of later “moon white” glazes, this piece is representative of tenth century examples.
A piece of the same type with steeper walls is published in “Masterpieces of Yaozhou Ceramics”, Osaka Museum of Oriental Ceramics, 1997. Pl. 18.


Provenance:  J.J. Lally and Co., 1994 

The Mary and Cheney Cowles Collection

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