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Northern White-ware Double-Gourd Ewer with Guan Mark

Liao or Five Dynasties,10th c. A.D., China

Height: 21.6 cm 

A porcelaineous stoneware ewer covered with a translucent ivory colored glaze that stops just short of its finely potted foot rim. The piece is formed of two spheres conjoined by a narrow connection giving it the appearance of a double gourd. The bottom section has a slightly flattened and ridged spout formed for pouring sideways. (old repair at tip.) A wide, flattened looped handle joins the top and bottom sections, and has a molded floral decoration. The unglazed under-foot has an incised "guan" character, incised after firing. A piece of similar form, but with double strand handle, appears in Xing Kiln of China, Beijing, 2012, pl. 97. 

Private American Collection
Zetterquist Galleries, 2014 

Mary and Cheney Cowles Collection

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