Ding-yao Stemcup with Molded Floral Decoration

Jin Dynasty 1127-1279 AD, China

Diameter: 10.5cm

A porcelaineous stoneware stem cup with a notched foliate rim bowl sitting on a generously flared pedestal foot.  The interior of the bowl has a molded design divided into four panels, depicting flowers and fruit, including peaches, melons, peonies, and plum blossoms, all under a double line, and bracketed at the top by bat wings.  (Bats and peaches are considered auspicious symbols.)  The center of the bowl has a key-fret band enclosing foliate and melon depiction.  The entire piece is covered with a translucent glaze of ivory tone, which pools to a viscous tan color on the outside.  The mouth-rim is left unglazed, and presumably had a metal rim,(with a slight brownish color persisting).  

A similar example with different floral decoration is featured in “Series of China’s Ancient Porcelain Kiln, Sites, Ding Kiln of China”. Overseas Chinese Publishing House 2012.  pl. 157.  Another excavated piece is published in “Selection of Ding Ware;  The Palace Museum’s Collection and Archaeological Excavation”. Palace Museum Beijing, 2012.  pg. 225.