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Changsha Lamp

Tang Dynasty, 618-907 AD, China

Height: 22.2 cm 

A stoneware Changsha jug-form lamp with slightly lobed body and short narrow neck, small cut-out area just above unglazed base, with two loop handles at shoulder above two large applied leaf-form bosses molded with grapevines. The shoulder and neck also have applied high relief of a seated lion and bird tail. The neck, shoulder and body have streaks of amber and green, all under pale tan glaze.

Provenance: Kaikodo, 1992

Mary and Cheney Cowles Collection


Sancai Amphora with Dragon Handles

Tang Dynasty, 618-907 AD, China

Height: 33 cm 

A sancai glazed pottery amphora with high shouldered body surmounted with a tall flared neck ending in a cup mouth. The two handles are in the form of over-arching dragons rising up from the shoulders and biting down on the mouth-rim. It is covered with a mottled sancai glaze of green and amber, which stops below the shoulders, revealing a grey clay body covered in slip. The foot is slightly concave. Some minor areas of burial adhesions.
TL tested by Oxford Authentication.

Provenance: Berwald Oriental Art, 1997

Mary and Cheney Cowles Collection

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