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Changsha Ewer with Bird Painting

Late Tang Dynasty, 9th c. AD, China 

Height: 20.2 cm 

A Changsha ewer of high-shouldered form delineated by four lobes and surmounted by a wide, flaring mouth-rim. A grooved strap handle connects the body to the neck on one side, with short faceted spout atop the shoulder on the other. The exterior and interior is covered with a thin yellowish celadon glaze which ends short of the flat, stained bottom. The body is decorated with a depiction of a bird and flower-heads outlined in brown with green highlights. Repaired foot-rim chips.
Provenance: Nankai Tokyo, 2012

Small Changsha Ewer Bird-Form Ewer

Late Tang Dynasty, 9th c. AD, China

Length: 9.7 cm 

A small Changsha bird-shaped ewer with compressed melon form body decorated with wings, tail and bird head in relief. The form sits on a short, straight foot and is surmounted by a stepped lid with bud finial. The pale, yellowish celadon glaze is highlighted with green and brown splashes. The foot is unglazed, revealing a grey stoneware body fired to a buff color. TL tested.
Provenance: Littleton and Hennessey, 2017

Changsha Bowl with Floral Decoration 

Late Tang Dynasty, 9th c. AD, China 

Diameter: 15.25 cm

A round, shallow stoneware bowl with ridged, everted rim and slightly flared, thickly potted foot. The dark stoneware body is covered in slip with, the exception of the underfoot, revealing a dark grey stoneware body. The edges have been dipped in brown on four sides, forming a central 

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